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Heal your body through our natural treatments

With over 15 years of experience, Pristine Naturopathic Medicine of Tucson, AZ will help you to heal your body naturally using our combined and safe methods of treatments that are fully tested for great results.

Boost your health using traditional Chinese medicine that combines variety of herbs, flowers, and more.

Lymphatic Drainage

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  • Avoid side effects from medicines

Enjoy quality of life like never before

May improve circulation, increase mobility, reduce water retention (swelling) and enhance ability to lose weight and reduce pain.

Thyroflex Testing

Brachioradialis Reflexometry a non-invasive testing of thyroid functionwith 98% accuracy .

Nutritional IV Therapy

The fastest way to replenish fluid and vitamins through infusion therapy.  Used for rehydrating the body, anti-aging, fatigue and re-establish nutrients for chronic illness.

Take advantage of our alternative approach

eliminate diseases permanently

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